6 Science Backed Health Benefits of Turmeric

  • on November 12, 2020
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Turmeric is a ‘curcumin plant’. Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its yellow color and is used as a medicine in adequate quantity. It is the southeast Indian domestic plant. This evergreen plant nurtured in those areas where there is abundantly rains and the ideal temperature for growing Turmeric is between 20-30c.In shadowlands, stunning production can get from Turmeric cultivation. Formers cultivate turmeric in garden fields to get extra yield. Its per acre seed rate is 600 to 750kg. According to the latest scientific research, it has proved that turmeric has majestical characteristics and its use on daily basis has wonderful health benefits.

One spoon of turmeric contains 24 calories, fat, fiber, and proteins, and besides that, it also contains minerals and steel but the element curcumin is the most important. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. According to the experts, curcumin is the main active ingredient and the following are.

Here in this article, we will dissect 6 science baked health benefits of turmeric.

1. Reduces inflammation and acidity

Important research studies have learned that five turmerics can perish inflammation acidity of the body, diabetes, skin disease, and bone inflammation. It can also help in losing the weight of the body. According to the 2009 research, it has learned that turmeric can play a vital role to deter high-fat turmeric.

2. Get rid of Turmeric pain

This is sure that turmeric can play a vital role in getting rid of the pain. To mix turmeric with milk and use to drink can completely perish pain and Trauma. Arthritis, after surgery and in normal pain turmeric play a fruitful role.

3. Turmeric Effective against cancer

The University of Maryland’s medical center also proved that along with common diseases turmeric plays an effective role against cancer. Research has studied that it has antioxidants that prevent intestine, breast, and prostate from cancer but it needs more research.

4. Turmeric and Heart patients

According to the American Center for Diseases Control (CDC), turmeric can assist in bakshish Artery and cholesterol.

5. Turmeric and Depression

Mental depression, anxieties, and depression are the dilated Ifrit of the modern era. Research has learned that eating 500gm curcumin (two spoon turmeric) has the same effect which is in prominent medicine Prozac and Fluoxetine.
So turmeric is the natural treatment of depression.

6. Turmeric and Beauty

Turmeric whitens and beautify teeth and used for centuries to beautify the skin.
Turmeric prevents skin from contaminants Ultra violet rays and sweltering. Turmeric proved more effective than the available medicines and drugs in markets. For example, turmeric is more effective than the medicine Prozac for depression.

According to the research consequences those who took (Prozac)”Fluoxetine” little improved 64.7%, those who took just turmeric improved 62.5%, and those who took turmeric and Prozac improved 77.8%. According to the consequences, turmeric ratio just lower than Prozac but despite that researcher preferred turmeric because turmeric has not any side effect.

Apart from that turmeric can be more effective than of English medicines.
Aspirin for thinness
Pain killer drugs
Anti-inflammation drugs
Prozac for depression
Metformin for Diabetes
Lipitor for reducing cholesterol level

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