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7 Powerful Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a powerful source of nutrients and antioxidants. Copper, magnesium, fiber, zinc, selenium, potassium, and iron are found in chocolate. So we can say that it is highly rich in vitamins and minerals. They are equally popular among men and children. Children often like those things which are made of chocolate. They are alos popular among young boys and girls. According to the latest published research of British university East Anglia, brown or dark chocolate protects the body from so many hazardous diseases. It strengthens immune elements in a body. Cocoa, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium in chocolates help to make better cognitive function and performance. Brown chocolate’s most significant benefit for health is, it lowers ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and improves good cholesterol. According to the research eating dark chocolate along with light exercise and nutrients can help to lower bad cholesterol and improve good cholesterol.

Another significance of brown chocolate is that it helps to maintain blood pressure normal and improves polyphenol in a body which increases oxygen flow in a body.

Eating chocolate gives mental relief because brown chocolate creates serotonin in the brain by which a man feels freshness and get rid of mental stress.

Experts further say that brown chocolates play a vital role in cardiovascular diseases. Eating chocolates improve blood circulation and prevent arteries from firmness.

1. For Cognitive Performance

American and Australian doctors have disclosed the magical benefits of chocolate. They told that consuming chocolate plays a huge role in cognitive performance. A German newspaper Appetite journal published the latest research, which says that those who eat chocolate weekly have a strong cognitive ability as compared to those who don’t. Flavonoids are found in pure chocolate which makes better reasoning capability. Those who have week memory, short memory, and mental depression should consume dark chocolate because it improves mental performance.

2. Sun-Proof your Skin with Dark Chocolate

According to the research in London, those women who consume dark chocolate their skin will not be easily affected by frequent Ultra violet rays and have very lower chances of sunburn.

3. For Controlling Blood Pressure

Nitric oxide in our body makes better chamfer by which blood pressure is in control. Eating chocolates improve nitric oxide in our body. Nitric oxide brings normality to blood pressure.

4. For Depression

Brain hormones release when we have a strong feeling of love, happiness, enjoyment, or run fast. The most wonderful thing is that, eating chocolates help to produce endorphin by those hormones we get rid of gloominess, depression, stress, and physical tiresome. We feel pleasure which creates positive thinking and feels the feelings of happiness and victory.

5. Protection from Heart Attacks

Consuming chocolates improve flexibility in arteries. So very lower chances of heart attacks.
Protection from paralysis: According to the Finland scientist’s research, they studied that chocolate consumers have 17% lower chances of paralysis than those who do not consume.
Useful for blood reducing problem: Chocolates are rich in potassium, zinc, iodine, and steely. The existence of these minerals in chocolate solves blood reducing problems.

6. For Reducing Cholesterol

Consuming chocolates reduce bad cholesterol level in a body and improve useful cholesterol.

7. For Skin Protection

The chocolate mask has a flavonoid compound which does not only prevents skin from harmful rays but frequently perish harmful rays.

8. Protection from Diabetes Risk

Chocolate has such ingredients that make better pancreatic function, so its use can prevent a man from a hazardous disease like diabetes.

9. For Healthy Teeth

Although dentists term chocolates harmful but according to the new research, cocoa powder in chocolate is the alternative to hygiene toothpaste and fluoride.

Bad Effects

Chocolates have many benefits that’s why people like eating them but it is one of those foods that can be incredibly good for your health and bad for you at the same time. Like other energetic nutrients if we eat them too much and do not exercise or kept ourselves immobilize can be harmful to us. Kidney patients should not eat chocolate because it has verjuice (Oxalate) ingredients. Sometimes it absorbs lead from a contaminated environment during its production. So some chocolates can possess toxic effects. Eating some chocolate can cause allergy. Too much chocolate can also cause chest inflammation or swelling.


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