7 Powerful Dried Fruits That Benefit Your Health

  • on November 13, 2020
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Dried Fruits

Physicians say that the winter season provides the best opportunities for generating fresh blood. Dry fruits in winter have all those nutrition’s which are essential for generating energy and blood. These dry fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins. Due to the importance of this nutrition, physicians call them “natural capsule”. Physicians also admit the importance of dry fruits and often, it is considered as a “pulps”. According to physicians in winter, the body takes great advantage of food because in this season digestive system functions well as compare to summer. But in summer, nights shrink and daytime stretches, however in these long days dry fruits give a great company.

Dry fruits are a unique gift of God in winter which has a sweet test as well as have numerous medical benefits. Dry fruits have the capability as a shield against diseases. Dry fruit increases the temperature of the body in winter and plays a big role to prevent hazardous diseases. The moderate use of it makes a body sturdy and energetic. Floroculturists say when winter endows opportunity then that time dry fruits avail all those nutrition’s which are indispensable for the body’s energy and fresh blood. Due to this importance doctors say them “Natural capsule” and sometimes pulps. According to the recent research in Holland, this has proved, that if someone eats half fist dry fruits which consist of walnut, almond, cashew, pistachio, and peanut can obvert his early death to some extent. Some other research before that had stated that dry fruits invigorate the heart. Maastricht University Holland experts, after 10 years of research they observed those people who were used to eat dry fruits on daily basis have 25% fewer chances of an early and tragic death.

According to the experts, the use of peanut butter have not any benefit because it has artificial fats. In this research, 12 thousand people of Holland, their ages were 55 to 65 years. In 1986 their lifestyle and use of foods have been lumped. After 10 years the average death ratio of those has been observed. And this research concluded that cancer, diabetes, asthma diseases which ruin the neurological system found very rare in those people who were using dry fruits. Collectively in those people, the death ratio is low as compare to other of that age. In these people, the danger of neurological diseases lessens to 45%, Asthma 39% while diabetes 30%.The member of the international journal Epidemiology research prof. Dean Brendit talked to BBC and termed its consequences extraordinarily. He stated that it was already in our under observations that eating dry fruits can help to lessen the possibility of early death.

Let’s see dry fruit’s capability and what benefits can get from them.

1. Walnut

In winter walnut kernel, means pulp is considered to be very alimentary. According to the nutrients expert’s 100gm walnut is rich in 2.1gm iron/steely and 226 calories. The roasted core of walnut is the best remedy for cough in winter. To use walnut with raisin can perish throat infection and abscess of mouth. It is considered very invigorating for the brain. Brain invigorated by using walnut. Overeating of walnut can create throat infection and abscess in the mouth. According to recent American research, the use of walnut is very useful for mental nourishment and its oil helps to lessen mental depression and tiresomeness. Another research in the American state of Pennsylvania stated that ingredients of walnut play a big role in bringing normality in the blood circulating. Walnut oil is very useful for those who work all day because it helps to quit all their mental tiresome and relax them. According to the experts, the use of walnut is very utile for controlling blood pressure and heart diseases. Walnut is very prominent for blackish hair. The color/dye powder of walnut is much better than those of which are available in different malls and markets. Those color powders which are available in malls have different chemical but walnut color powders are completely safe. It’s not only blackish hair but also creates glittering and shining in hair.
Its recipe is very easy, take 1kg green peel of walnut and boil with milk, make curd of them, then get ghee and use its suitable quantity on hair.

2. Almond

For centuries almonds are termed very useful for invigorating memory, brain, and eyesight. It is rich in vitamin A, B as well as lubricate/pigment and starch. It strengthens nerves and perishes constipation. It uses is termed essential for onerous workers. According to dietary experts, almond succulents are rich in 244 mg calcium, 24mg iron, 275mg phosphorous, and 597 calories. Almond is very essential for memory, brain, and eyesight. In almonds, besides vitamin A and B it has lubricated and starch which strengthens nerves and perishes constipation. Almonds in dry fruit possess huge popularity. It is usually presumed that almonds have too much lubricates and noxious for patients with heart disease but according to the miscellaneous research, almonds lessen the quantity of cholesterol and thus it can prove useful for heart patients. Regarding this research use, 3ones almonds daily reduce 14% cholesterol level. Almond contains 90% fats (non-saturated) and an abundant quantity of proteins. In mineral, some others are fibers, calcium, magnesium, Vit E, and antioxidants.

3. Pine Nuts

Pine nuts invigorated the kidney, liver, and urine bladder. To eat in winter, it helps to warm your body. Eat pine nuts after eating a meal. It suppresses appetite eating before a meal. Pine nuts have strengthened the bladder, kidney, and liver. Eating pine nut generates energy and feels abrupt warmth. It improves memory cells (memorandum). If you go through Qila (fort) Abdullah of Baluchistan from Quetta to zhob, after 5 hours of traveling you will enter in zhob. This area is located at 2500 to 3500m height. In summer its maximum temperature is 37c while 15c in winter. Its temperature lower more up to the elevation. The world’s largest and biggest pine nuts garden is found in that area. This garden stretches up to the 1200sqk area. The productions of pine nuts of that area are standard and like too much in the world. It is exported in a suitable package to foreign countries. Baluchistan pine nuts are mostly available in markets of Dubai, England, France, Muscat, and some other countries as well.

4. Raisin

Raisins are dried grapes. Raisins are made of small grapes while currants are made of big grapes. Raisins are an easy way to get rid of constipation. It is a great source of getting energy and useful for influenza. According to dietary experts, 100g raisins are rich in 275mg potassium while 1.3mg iron Raisins are dried grapes. Raisins and currants are the best remedies for constipation. It is also very useful for bone disease.

5. Peanut

Peanuts are the treasure house of health. It is a very useful and cheap dry fruit. The main characteristic of peanuts is the abundance quantity of its oil. The most interesting matter is that it doesn’t increase the cholesterol level in the body. According to the dietary experts, 10g peanuts are rich in 37.8% starch and 319% proteins. Besides vitamin B1, it has calcium and phosphorus. In nutrition, peanuts are equal to walnut. Peanuts are desirable dry fruits. Peanuts in winter have their toothsomeness, however, everyday use of peanuts for bodybuilders are very useful and invigorating. Peanuts are naturally rich in antioxidants that have more nutrients than apple, carrot, and beetroot. Peanuts are equally useful for a common man and for those who are doing bodybuilding. Its benefits are not only this but it is a good source of preserving from so many diseases. Vitamin A in peanuts can fight against cancer and natural iron in them, it plays a big role in generating new blood cells. In Canada, after research, this is concluded that peanuts are very useful for patients with diabetes. According to the researchers, those people who are suffered from diabetes should consume every day one spoon of peanuts oil. Doctors say that use of peanuts is the alternative to insulin because peanuts are rich in insulin and it can play a big role to maintain its level. Oil is an abundant quantity in peanuts but it does not thrive your weight.

6. Pistachio

Pistachios are considered in bestowals. It creates heat in the body which is useful for invigorating memory, brain, stomach, and heart. The body becomes concrete and heavy from thoroughly consuming them. Pistachio in winter is very useful for cough and it excretes mucus from lungs and cleans them. It has an abundant quantity of calcium, potassium, and vitamins.3once gm of pistachios contains 594 calories. Pistachios are abundantly used in sweets for centuries. It is the mandatory part of pud and milkshake. Salty roasted pistachio is very delicious and used like other bestowals. According to recent research, use a small amount of pistachio can prevent a man from heart disease. Pistachio is mixed with blood and reduces cholesterol levels. Besides that, it perishes the hazardous element “Lenten ” from the blood. During that research, experts noted that eating dry fruits and foliate green vegetables help to melt the congealed cholesterol in arteries. Physicians think that pistachio is cheap as compared to common food and it also delicious nutrients as well. If someone wants to quit heavy nutrients that are full of butter, cheese, and oil, should take start from pistachio. Everyday use of pistachio can help from cancer diseases. One latest research proved, that eating a suitable quantity of pistachio makes very fewer chances of lungs and other cancers. According to cancer’s minder under American Association, pistachio rich in a special type of vitamin E which is extremely useful against cancer. According to the experts, this special element can not only fight against cancer but also strengthen the immunity system.

7. Cashew

Cashew is an extremely delicious dry fruit. It is rich in an abundant quantity of Zinc. Its use improves the capability of generating offsprings. According to recent research in Canada, it is concluded that Cashew plays a huge role in the treatment of diabetes. Experts say that cashew seeds contain such natural ingredients that can absorb insulin intramuscular in blood cells. According to the experts, cashews are rich in such `active compounds ‘which play a big role to control growing diabetes. So accordingly use of cashews thoroughly are extremely useful for diabetes patients

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